The rhinoplasty intervention is a nose surgery that corrects a number of malformations or imperfections localized on the nose. This is a very frequent operation and is performed with great technique which avoids the risk of developing breathing problems. There are two types of rhinoplasty : functional rhinoplasty and plastic rhinoplasty :

  • - Functional rhinoplasty allows the recovery of the nasal septum, which prevents good breathing.
  • - Aesthetic rhinoplasty helps correct the morphology of the nose whether the correction is at the level of the cartilage or at the level of the bone that manifests itself in the form of a hunchbacked, bulky, slouched or deviated nose.
In the case of a plastic rhinoplasty, the surgeon performs a shortening or a reduction in the height and / or width of the patient's nose. It is also possible to undergo both functional and plastic rhinoplasties at the same time. .

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Rhinoplasty cost / rhinoplasty cost in Tunisia

Nose Plastic surgery Price Number of days
Plastic rhinoplasty 2050 € 5 days and 4 nights
Ethnic rhinoplasty 2350 € 5 days and 4 nights

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People who are interested in a rhinoplasty intervention complain of having a lump in the nose, or that their nose is too wide, more commonly known as Droopy's nose, or a pointed nose. The rhinoplasty intervention is a restorative plastic surgery which aims to change the unsightly shape of the nose. This operation can only be performed when the growth of the bone mass has reached its maximum threshold, which means starting at the age of 17 years. Rhinoplasty surgery is recommended under the following cases:

  • A big and imposing nose
  • Nostrils witha wide front
  • Broken nose causing a nasal damage after trauma
  • A nose with a bump

nose plastic surgery in tunisia


First of all, the plastic surgeon proceeds to make very fine incisions inside the nostrils of the patient's nose. This technique is called the closed rhinoplasty method, it allows to obtain perfectly discrete and well-hidden scars. This method also gives the surgeon the possibility to have a clear and direct view on the change that has occurred in the nasal cartilage. Rhinoplasty surgery takes about one to one and a half hours in the operating room. Three nights of hospitalization are also necessary for rhinoplasty that is performed under general anesthesia. The patient's medical stay in Tunisia is spread over a period of 6 to 7 days. To perform a rhinoplasty surgery, there is another method that consists of making an incision in the membrane called columella that separates the two nasal passages. This technique is used instead of the other under the following cases:

  • If the tip of the nose is difficult to be treated and makes resistance
  • If the nose is described as too deviated
If rhinoplasty is a second intervention or is performed for retouching only then Two rhinoplasties are possible:
  • A rhinoplasty reduction : this is a plastic surgery that is intended for long, hunchbacked and thick noses, whose tips are wide or still drooping as well as the enlarged nostrils. For this intervention, the plastic surgeon removes the excess bone by separating the cartilage skin from the skin of the bone.Thereafter, he performs a repositioning of the lateral faces of each side of the nose according to the desired shape and ends up remodeling the cartilage and the wings of the nose.
  • A rhinoplasty augmentation : this is a surgery intended for short and hollowed noses as well as crushed tips. For this intervention, the plastic surgeon carries out a cartilage or bone transplant that is taken from the auricle or the septum of the nose.In order to obtain a more harmonious result with the rest of the face at the chin level, this surgery can be practiced at the same time as another, particularly a profiloplasty.


The patient may experience the sensation of a stuffy nose upon waking until the wicks are removed. Then, the surgeon places a plaster in order to promote and maintain the new repositioning of the nose.The patient will also have swelling and bruising around the eyes that are more visible in the lower eyelids. For a period of two to three months, the tip of the patient's nose remains stiff and rather sensitive. The patient may have breathing problems during the first days following the intervention. Slight transient pains can be felt and relieved by painkillers prescribed by the surgeon.

The result of nose plastic surgery in Tunisia

The conclusive result of a rhinoplasty can be assessed from the first two weeks following the intervention. The final result can be assessed from 4 to 6 months.


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