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The Expression wrinkles are caused in terms of face mimicry which is in turn caused by the contraction of the face muscles. In order to treat the expression wrinkles, the Botox injection technique is used.
The injection technique of Botox allows to give a facelifting to the whole face without exceeding its different peculiarities by appealing to the know-how as well as the artistic eye of the plastic surgeon .

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Time has effects on the face of a person by revealing so-called expression wrinkles that are widened even more with the advance of age and also transform the expression of the face. If wrinkles are concentrated in one place, its effect is more pronounced. The Botox works so that the muscle is weakened and relaxed which is the focus of the injection of the substance. This maneuver can block any evolution of expression wrinkles over time. Also called botulinum toxin, Botox is a substance that is used in different and multiple medical specialties in the field of plastic surgery in the face. The use of Botox offers the possibility of significantly reducing the contraction of muscles by acting at the level of the neuromuscular junction. The expression wrinkles that appear on the face are caused by a number of movements that are repeated over time, it is about blinking, folding of the nose or the frowns, these are movements that act on the muscles that are solicited for this purpose. The disadvantage is that even at the resting period, these expression wrinkles remain visible and permanent.


The first preoperative consultation is held with the plastic surgeon and during which the patient shares his expectations and needs. Also, the surgeon is responsible for noting the quality of the patient's skin and checking that there are no contraindications to a Botox injection.


The Botox injection intervention lasts about 15 minutes. The plastic surgeon performs the injections in his office under local anesthesia. Several Botox injections are done in the face as part of this treatment. The surgeon performs the injections into the muscle directly using small amounts of toxins. The plastic surgeon uses a thin needle which is able to prevent the injections that are painful. The treatment usually lasts a few minutes.


After a Botox injection, the patient can resume normal life and normal activities without delay. It is possible for the patient to make an injection of Botox again when the effect is gone, that is to say not before 4 or 5 months.


The result of a Botox injection cannot be assessed immediately after the treatment, it takes about 72 hours, the result appears gradually. The first result is the reduction of wrinkles without losing the small movements. The result of a Botox injection has a duration of 4 to 6 months, after this period, the patient can renew the treatment by injection of Botox.


There are several treatments that decline the substance of Botox, namely: the horizontal wrinkles of the forehead , frown lines that also called the wrinkles of the lion and the wrinkles of the crow's feet that appear at the time of the folding of the eyes. Other wrinkles are also treated by Botox such as wrinkles of the nose. The substance of Botox acts in other ways such as against the eyebrow tail fall and the lips corners fall, it causes the so-called lines of bitterness.When the skin of the person is thin and his face is expressive enough, expression wrinkles are formed more quickly. The age required for Botox treatment is at least 18 years old and may be up to 65 years old. It has been proven that the use of Botox presents neither risk nor inconvenience as well in the short term as in the long term.

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