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The operation of blepharoplasty is a plastic surgery that repairs and significantly reduces the circle in the lower eyelids to give the face a new glow. Dark circles are the result of signs of fatigue that first appear in various forms such as wrinkles, skin distensions and wilts. Dark circles come in different forms namely: colored type, hollowed or swollen and manifest through traces whose color tends to brown or purple. Dark circles appear under the lower eyelids.To better understand what is a lower blepharoplasty, it is sufficient to know that the pigmentary circle is caused generally by a congestion of blood and lymphatic capillaries that are located under the eyes. Thus, the blepharoplasty surgery can treat the lower eyelid in order to reduce or even eliminate the circle.

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Face Surgery Price Days
2 Eyelids 1650 € 5 days and 4 nights
4 Eyelids 1750 € 5 days and 4 nights

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It is an aesthetic eye surgery and is aimed at both men and women who suffer from lower eyelids and / or upper eyelids drooping and wilting. These aspects are usually associated with horizontal fine lines as well as excess fat. In most cases, these defects occur as a result of advancing age or in some other cases they occur early and are caused by genetic grounds.


A preoperative consultation is held with the plastic surgeon as well as the anesthetist doctor during which the details of the intervention are discussed. Examinations are also performed to ensure the health of the patient before performing the blepharoplasty. During the preoperative consultation, the anesthesiologist determines the type of anesthesia to be performed. It is possible to perform local anesthesia which is administered to the patient by means of a simple analgesic injection or a vigil local anesthesia based on a reasonable tranquilizer injected intravenously. In rare cases, general anesthesia is performed.


There exist two types of intervention for a blepharoplasty depending on the case that occurs: - In the case of a drooping upper eyelid treatment: this is presented through a weakened look and excess skin accumulated on the upper eyelid. In this case, the plastic surgeon performs a superior blepharoplasty operation by making an incision hidden in the fold of the eyelid and then removes excess skin.For this case of blepharoplasty, the scar triggered disappears in about 6 months. - In the case of treatment of bags, folds, circles and excess fat on the lower eyelid area, a lower blepharoplasty operation is required. In this case, the plastic surgeon makes an incision inside the eye and on the lip of the eyelashes.Then he removes the excess fat and skin. Blepharoplasty surgery requires a total duration of approximately 30 to 40 minutes in view of the fact that it is an outpatient surgery. One night of hospitalization is sufficient if the patient wants. As for the medical stay in Tunisia, it lasts 4 days.


The patient generally feels, after a blepharoplasty, some discomfort when closing his eyelids and is also relayed to a feeling of irritation, knowing that this discomfort does not last and disappears in a few days only. Since this is a surgery, the patient will have edema and bruising that eventually disappear within two to three weeks. Makeup and lenses can only be used after a so-called rehabilitation period and the healing period. The patient must absolutely avoid exposing himself to a long-term visual fatigue such as in front of a computer, a television or for a reading during the first days that follow the surgery.The resumption of socio-professional activities can only be done after a period of one to three weeks depending on the degree of importance of the postoperative consequences.


The patient must wait for a period of almost six months before being able to assess the final and conclusive result of the blepharoplasty surgery. After this time, the patient's gaze is rejuvenated, and the look is removed from the tired appearance as well as fat tissue that is rectified.

Tunisia blepharoplasty


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