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For 2 years I began to notice wrinkles goshawks of eyes, an inflation at the level of the superior eyelids, I began to hate my look because everything often tell me that I look sad nevertheless I am only 25 years old. By consulting Dr Mallek, a blépharoplastie was recommended me, and actually, I left for Tunisia to offer itself this surgery, the surplus of skin over my eyelids superiors was removed, the result is really impeccable, I thank all the team universe Med of the attention which they carried in my case, for their warm welcome and their advice.


It is an excellent service, nothing to blame, the surgeon is very competent, and especially professional. I had a breast enlargement exactly 6 months ago. I came from thousands from questions grind me the head, Dr Mallek dedicated well of his(her,its) time(weather) for me and we discussed details of the implant, my anatomy and the results(profits) for which I could wait. He was very patient with me and answered all my questions. He(it) showed me photos before and after these patients and his(its) work is incredible. The surgery very well passed and I am gone back(entered my) home 4 days after the operation. The result is really remarkable with almost invisible scars and here is thus sought(studied) natural effect, received(successful) natural effect

BENOIT 30 ans

Dr MAllek is very an excellent surgeon, pleasant, professional, very accurate as well as the entire staff with which he works. I strongly recommend him(it) to you I am completely satisfied by my results(profits).

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