Breast lipofilling is a recent breast augmentation surgery but has been practiced for about ten years in Tunisia.

The objective of the breast lipofilling operation is to achieve breast augmentation by means of fat injection . It is therefore possible to increase the breast size by up to two hats using breast lipofilling. This plastic surgery is recommended for women who wish to perform a moderate increase in the volume and in the size of their breasts. The operation of breast lipofilling discloses various advantages such as:

  • Get a new natural-looking curve and a smooth cleavage
  • Avoid heavy surgery by undergoing a secure operation
  • Get rid of excess fat at the same time as getting breast augmentation
  • Enjoy competitive costs that are very competitive with those in Europe

Breast Lipofilling in Tunisia


Tunisia breast lipofilling price / Tunisia chest augmentation price

Mammary surgery surgical operation price number of days
Breast surgery breast lipofilling 3225 € 5 days and 4 nights

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The intervention of breast augmentation requires the injection of fat taken from the candidate patient, and it concerns women in whom, it was made the following diagnosis:

  • - Breast hypotrophy usually caused by a deficiency in the development of morphology, a considerable loss or recovery of weight and one or more pregnancies and prolonged breastfeeding.
  • - Optimize breast augmentation performed by breast prostheses, usually in thin women forced to opt for a lipofilling to fill the contours around their chest and prevent the visible prosthesis.
  • - Breast asymmetry
  • - Sketch a new curve of the chest and draw again the shape of the breasts and their silhouette after a breast cancer.
The surgeon makes use of the fat he has taken from the patient to perform a breast lipofilling. This technique offers the possibility of avoiding the introduction of a foreign object into the body and also avoiding the risk of rejection. As for the scars, they are remarkably discreet since they are related to the incision made at the time of the collection of fat by performing liposuction. The injection of fat is done through syringes that are introduced to the chest. To undergo breast lipofilling, the patient must be at least 18 years old of age to ensure the complete development of her breast just as it is recommended to wait until puberty.


It is essential that the patient performs a blood test before the intervention of breast lipofilling and perform a mammogram and a breast ultrasound. During the preoperative consultation, the patient meets with her plastic surgeon and discusses the various details of the procedure with him. All the necessary explanations are provided during the preoperative consultation, particularly in regards to the progress of the operation, the different areas to be treated and the complete examination to be carried out. Also, the explanations of the complications that can occur during or after the intervention are addressed by the plastic surgeon during the preoperative consultation and more side effects.

Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation


In first step, the surgeon removes fat using the same technique as that for liposuction using cannulas. The excess fat will be taken according to the need and the volume of the chest that the patient wishes to obtain. It is possible that excess fat is taken from one or more areas of the body. In a second step, the surgeon passes the removed fat to the centrifuge in order to obtain a better quality of the fat so that it can then be injected.Very fine syringes will be used by the surgeon in order to inject the fat through different points located at the chest. With this intervention, it is possible to obtain a uniform and homogeneous distribution of the amount of fat that the surgeon injects. The scars caused by this intervention are very discreet and there are no noticeable pains. However, the patient may have bruises and edema that disappear after a few weeks after the breast lipofilling intervention. It is imperative that the patient wear a compression bra throughout the first few months. The breast lipofilling intervention inTunisia requires a duration of one hour to an hour and a half averagely and is performed under general anesthesia.


It is necessary to count two nights of hospitalization after the intervention of breast lipofilling after which the patient will be staying in her hotel of residence where she will continue to receive the necessary care throughout six days. The surgeon will move for postoperative follow-up and perform the necessary verifications with the patient. It takes about one week of rest for the patient after the breast lipofilling operation and a resumption of physical activities after 6 or 7 weeks at least.


The first conclusive result can be assessed after the third month of the intervention, as for the final result, it is assessed after the sixth month. Tunisia lipofilling breast costs

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