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The arm lift intervention allows the retightening of sagging skin located at the level of the arm zone and this is done by removing the excess skin. It is possible to achieve, if necessary, an arm lift intervention along with a liposuction of localized fat overload due to the friction associated with irritation that triggered by sagging skin. The arm lift surgery allows the correction of skin ptosis in the arms and is generally caused by the effects of aging skin or by considerable weight loss. The skin ptosis is most frequently reflected by the loss of elasticity of the skin located at the level of the arms. The importance of the fat mass underlying the skin determines the variety of the arm lift intervention. Indeed, if the fat mass is large enough, the surgeon is obliged to perform a first liposuction. As for the arm lift, it will bring refinement to the achieved result while promoting the the excess skin removal during an incision.

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TUNISIA arms lift COST

Tunisia Arms Lift Cost

Arms Surgery Price Number of days
Arm lift 1950 € 5 days and 4 nights

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The arm lift intervention is for people who suffer from a sagging skin in the arms which is generally associated with a fat mass . It is a considerable loss of weight, several pregnancies, the sedentariness, the aging or a hormonal dysregulation which causes a sagging skin.


A preoperative consultation is held between the patient and the plastic surgeon as well as the anesthetist doctor on the eve of the arm lift operation. During this consultation, blood test and cardiovascular examinations are carried out as well as a clinical examination to identify the location of the necessary incisions for the intervention and decide whether or not it is essential to perform liposuction. Once the preoperative assessment is validated by the surgeon, the patient is prepared by the medical staff before joining the operating room to undergo his intervention.It is necessary that a general anesthesia be applied for an arm lift and it takes a duration of one hour to two hours. The necessity or not of a liposuction specifies the duration of the operation. It is also necessary to count one night of hospitalization generally for an arm lift.

arms lift Tunisia


First of all, the plastic surgeon performs a liposuction of the inner face before starting the arm lift. The objective of this operation is to remove excess fat. Secondly, the surgeon retightens the skin of the arms. Subsequently, a horizontal incision is made by the surgeon at the armpit or at the inner side of the arms according to the longitudinal method. The method depends on the degree of the importance of the sagging skin found in the arms. The patient will have to wear a bandage around his/her arms when the arm lift is completed and also wear a compression vest immediately afterwards.


After the operation, the patient may complain of sensitive swelling and bruising in the arms. After two weeks, they will disappear. The stitches decide on healing directly and no physical activity is allowed throughout the healing period. It is necessary to count one night of hospitalization for an an arm lift intervention. The plastic surgeon is responsible for providing the various postoperative care needed by the patient. The medical staff of the clinic is responsible for removing the bandage from the patient and replacing it with a compression vest. The patient continues his/her convalescence period at the hotel of residence where he/she will be regularly visited by an appointed nurse in order to grant the necessary care to the patient and to favor his/her remission. Once back home, the patient keeps contact with his/her plastic surgeon via phone, email or Skype to ensure the absence of postoperative complications and good healing. If necessary the patient can be referred to a partner doctor who working there.

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The result of an arm lift operation can be assessed from the third month after surgery , this is a first conclusive result. The infiltration of the fat is perfectly corrected at the end of the third month just as the correction of the sagging skin located at the level of the arms. The morphology of the arms will be improved considerably after about 12 months and this is the final and satisfactory result for the patient.

TUNISIA arms lift COST

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