The breast lift is a plastic surgery that is cheap and plain to practice. In Tunisia, this intervention is practiced frequently. The breast lift can correct the sagging of the mammary gland at the same time the consequent distension of the skin. This operation also makes it possible to go up the areola and the nipple as well as the remodeling of the mammary gland. The breast lift has several advantages, which are:

  • Back relief
  • Enhancement of the bust
  • Possible combination of prostheses
  • Reduce by about half the expenses
breast lift in Tunisia


breast lift Cost / Tunisia breast lift Cost

Chest surgery Price number of days
With round prostheses 2950 € 5 days and 4 nights
With anatomical prostheses 3150 € 5 days and 4 nights
Without prosthesis 2350 € 5 days and 4 nights

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Some women experience sagging breast after significant weight loss, breastfeeding or aging. Other women make another observation that of the importance of the volume of their chest, otherwise called hypertrophy. Only one solution is offered to these women, namely: the breast lift that corrects the breast ptosis and get a firmer and natural curve of the breast. In order to be able to undergo a breast lift surgery, the patient must have the minimum age of 18 years to ensure the completion of her growth.

What is the treatment of breast ptosis ?

It is imperative that the patient perform a preoperative consultation at the very begging of her breast lift operation in the presence of her surgeon and the anesthesiologist. Blood test, ultrasound and mammography will be required during this preoperative consultation. The patient must be fasting on the day of her operation and once the pre-operative check-up is validated, she will be taken to the operating room to be prepared for her surgery. The breast lift requires a general anesthesia, the doctor makes sure that his patient will not feel any pain during the procedure. The duration of a breast lift is approximately 1 hour and a half to 2 hours and requires 24 hours of hospitalization.


First of all, the surgeon makes a fine incision either at the level of the areola or at its perpendicular below. Subsequently, the skin is peeled off, the surgeon remodels the mammary gland and then repositions. Excess skin is removed before the areola and the nipple are returned to the correct location. It is possible to perform a correction of breast ptosis in Tunisia and a breast augmentation at the same time. When the breast lift procedure is finished, the patient will have to wear silicone dressings in order to improve the quality of scars that are already very discreet and eventually disappear completely after 12 months.

lift breast surgery Tunisia


After breast lift operation in Tunisia, the patient must necessarily wear a compression bra for two months day and night. It can have edema and bruising observed in the treated area as well as discomfort in the arms. The plastic surgeon will prescribe painkillers to remedy the pain that can be felt by the patient postoperatively. Resumption of work can only be done after a convalescence period of 7 to 10 days. The patient can resume physical activity after a minimum of two months after breast lift operation.The patient will receive a regular visit from the surgeon and the medical assistant to her residence hotel to ensure that there are no postoperative complications and that the healing is done naturally. When the patient is back home, she can keep contact with her plastic surgeon through the phone, email or Skype and ask any questions she wants about her breast lift surgery. If the need arises, the patient may be referred to a partner physician working there.


The result of a breast lift can be appreciated conclusively from the end of the first month following the intervention. As for the final and satisfactory result, it can be appreciated by the patient after 12 months after the intervention. This is indeed the period necessary for the scars generated by the correction of a breast ptosis to heal. It remains possible for patients who wish to breastfeed after a breast lift surgery. This possibility remains dependent on the method used by the plastic surgeon in the correction of breast ptosis. As such, if the patient wishes to breastfeed later, it will be necessary to specify it to the surgeon so that he can make the necessary arrangements for this purpose. These details are discussed during the preoperative consultation.

Photo Before/After

breast lift in unisia before and after

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