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The hair transplant is an aesthetic medical act that allows the correction of male and even female andro-genetic alopecia. Hair transplantation or capillary implantation is an advanced technique with very few risks. This method offers the possibility of expanding the areas with no scalp by sampling and then implanting the follicular units without incision by proceeding one by one and without leaving scars.

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The technique of hair transplant is indicated in cases of small baldness or extended baldness provided that the patient confirms it as they require more than two sessions.
The hair transplant for extended baldness also concerns the patients who wish to wear their very short hair or those who do not have sufficient flexibility in the scalp.


The first consultation always precedes the intervention of capillary surgery in which the patient meets his plastic surgeon and discusses with him various details concerning the operation.
During this first consultation, an assessment will be made of hair loss and the degree of baldness. The surgeon will also take medical photographs before proceeding with the intervention.
The patient is strongly advised to stop smoking, to avoid the use of aspirin or anti-inflammatory medication until a few weeks after the hair transplant procedure. The surgeon recommends to his patient not to consume exciting products such as coffee, tea or alcohol on the eve of the operation.

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First of all, the plastic surgeon proceeds to a pencil marking that allows the delimitation of the bald area and the area containing the hair to be removed. Secondly, the surgeon performs a sampling of the hair follicles using micro-precision drills whose diameter does not exceed 1 mm.
Sampling can be done directly from the follicular units, a group of hair without exceeding the number of one to three hairs maximum. According to the figures found, the number of possible follicular units to be collected is 1000 units in a period of 4 hours, which gives a number of 2000 to 3000 hairs.
Before implanting them, the surgeon controls the hair implants in this case in terms of its quality before keeping them in afrozen serum. The surgeon then uses some forceps to remove the grafts and using an implant pen in which the grafts are placed, they are implanted directly into the scalp at the level of the bald area. A pen can allow the implantation of 130 hairs per square centimeter in a way that is both dense and natural. The quantity of grafts that can be implanted per day is fixed at 700 grafts using this technique.
The hair transplant operation takes place under local anesthesia and lasts no more than 6 hours in general.


hair transplant tunisia

After the hair transplantation, the patient is not obliged to wear a bandage. He has a postoperative consultation with his plastic surgeon in order to carry out certain checks the day after the hair transplantation.
The patient will have edema in the treated area by the grafts on the two days following the hair transplant operation. This edema then moves to the area of the forehead and eyelids giving them an appearance of swelling that disappears within three to four days.
The patient will also have redness and crusts that extend only five days after the hair transplant intervention. The patient can only use the shampoo after four days of the hair transplant operation. Resumption of normal activities can only be done after three to seven days. As for physical activities, they can only be resumed in a period of three weeks.
The scars are very discreet and are easily concealable especially when the hair will have reached a length of about 5 to 7 mm.

THE RESULT OF capillary implant hair man

The first result of a hair transplant intervention can be assessed from a period of three months after the operation. As for the final and convincing result, it is only visible after one year.
From 12 months, the patient can find a hair with normal appearance and has no trace relating to the intervention of hair transplant. reviews that the hair grows by about 1 cm per month.

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