In plastic surgery , breast augmentation is very common in Tunisia and is marked by various technological advances. This operation allows a number of women to treat a small breast by using breast implants selected according to the desired volume and size.

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Breast Augmentation Cost / Tunisia breast prosthesis Cost

Breasts SURGERY Intervention Price number of days
Breast augmentation with round prostheses 2500 € 5 days and 4 nights
Breast augmentation with anatomical prostheses 2700 € 5 days and 4 nights

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Some women suffer from a defect that they develop during the puberty period, which may be asymmetrical or hypertrophic. This defect causes disfigurement in the waist as well as in the volume of the chest. it can also be a question of the consequences of a long period of breastfeeding, a considerable loss of weight, or this may be the result of the effects of time and the advancing of age. All women who identify themselves in these cases are interestedin the intervention of breast augmentation by prostheses.Also, this operation of plastic surgery requires that the patient is at least 18 years old so that she can be sure of having completed the period of her growth so that the morphology is fully developed. For his part, the plastic surgeon must ensure the psychological maturity of the patient before taking action.

Tunisia Breast Prosthesis

Tunisia Breast Prosthesis

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The composition of breast prostheses is made of a biocompatible material whose function is to integrate well into the body of the patient and is not rejected. These implants are a kind of bag containing silicone elastomer envelopes with a smooth structure. This structure has the function of imposing a limit on the risk of a reaction initiated by the body and causing the formation of a membrane around a foreign body.

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Breast implants come in different shapes designed to best meet the demand of different morphologies. The patient candidate for a breast augmentation will be advised by the surgeon based on various criteria such as her build as well as her physiognomy.

  • Anatomical implants are recommended for a natural look
  • Round implants are recommended for a better filling of the neckline
  • Asymmetrical implants are recommended for a better match to the shape of the thorax.


Tunisia Breast augmentation before and after

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