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Genioplasty is an intervention of a chin plastic surgery which allows the restoration of the balance of the profile as well as achieving of the harmony of the face. In the case where there is no aesthetic cannon in the field, a vertical line drawn from the most prominent area at the forehead offers the possibility of distinguishing a leaking chin that is positioned backwards. this line or a protruding chin positioned in front of it.

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Genioplasty Cost / Chin Plastic Surgery Cost

Interventions Price Number of days
Genioplasty 2100 € 5 days and 4 nights
Double Chin + mini lifting 2100 € 6 days and 5 nights

Tunisia Genioplasty Cost : Univers Med chin plastic surgery in tunisia best costs


The genioplasty intervention is for all people who suffer and complain about the appearance of their chin. However, it is imperative to wait until complete ossification of the face prior to this surgery, which corresponds to the age of 18.


The successful outcome of genioplasty can be enjoyed from the first days after surgery. The final result is appreciated when healing is complete.

tunisia chin plastic surgery

PREOPERATIVE CONSULTATION OF chin plastic surgery in tunisia

The first preoperative consultation to a genioplasty is essential. It allows the patient who meets with his plastic surgeon and the anesthetist doctor to accurately determine the goals and expectations of this surgery.Also, during the preoperative consultation, various details are discussed such as family, hereditary, surgical and medical history in particular. During the preoperative consultation, the plastic surgeon will perform a facial analysis that is able to identify in the best conditions the possibilities availablefor the surgeon. This analysis also makes it possible to better define the problem and to determine the method forhis correction.In addition to all the explanations in detail that the plastic surgeon brings to the patient, he performs during the preoperative consultation photographs for the purpose of using them for an operative evaluation. The anesthesiologist also speaks with the patient on the eve of the genioplasty procedure in order to perform a complete clinical examination and to determine by prescribing the various additional examinations that the patient must undergo.He will also discuss the different types of anesthesia and decide the safety measures that are required during the intervention. The course of a genioplasty procedure differs depending on the case. In fact, there are two cases: - Case of a receding chin : in this case the chin has a retracted and erased back shape that upsets the balance and the harmony of the face by declining an imposing nose image.This case consists of a fairly frequent imperfection and generally requires a silicone implant. The surgeon places this implant in front of the bone under the muscles and in front of the mandible for more precision. The implant will be custom-made on demand in order to be adapted to the expected result. It should be reviewsd that chin surgery does not affect either the dentition or the jaw of the patient and therefore does not affect speech or chewing.The case of a protruding chin: this is the opposite of the receding chin, in the sense that the chin appears projected forward, it is also known under the name of chin galoche. Like the receding chin, the protruding chin disrupts the balance and the harmony of the face.The protruding chin is practiced by resecting or grinding the bone protrusion. The plastic surgeon makes an incision hidden under the chin and removes excess fat. The intervention of genioplasty requires a duration of one hour to about an hour and a half. It is performed under general anesthesia and requires three nights of hospitalization.Also, 6 to 7 days of stay are necessary for a genioplasty in Tunisia .


When the genioplasty intervention is complete, the patient should wear a chin strap within the first 24 hours after the operation. After that, he will have to wear a micropore bandage throughout a week after genioplasty.The patient must submit to a specific diet based on the liquid or semi-liquid over a period of a few days determined by the surgeon. The threads of the sutures are resorbed within about 3 weeks after the operation. The patient must practice antiseptic mouthwashes for a period of approximately 8 days following the operation.The patient will have swelling and bruising as well as a feeling of numbness and tension in the face over the first few days. These sensations are quite natural just as a certain limitation of mouth opening. The edema caused by genioplasty lasts between 10 to 20 days and then disappears. It is not necessary for the patient to take a work stoppage, the medical stay he spends in Tunisia is largely sufficient for a good convalescence and remission, which allows him to resume his work upon his return home. Genioplasty protruding chin, chin plastic surgery reduction , genioplasty recovery , genioplasty before after, genioplasty receding chin, genioplasty in tunisia cost, Tunisia chin surgery , Tunisia Genioplasty costs , chin plastic surgery prices , genioplasty before and after photos , chin plastic surgery reduction , Chin reduction surgery

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