Gynecomastia, also known as adipomastia, is an operation of plastic surgery that offers the possibility to some men to perform a breast reduction while obtaining a correction of the exaggerated volume of the male breast . This intervention offers a reduction in hypertrophy of the mammary gland .

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It is a defect that usually occurs at three stages of life namely : birth, puberty and old age. It is also a defect with aesthetic appearance translated by the increase of the volume of the breasts in the man. Gynecomastia can be declined in different interventions and this because of the different forms that it can have. It also results from the effects of obesity, which is a form of excess fat placed subcutaneously, which can be corrected by means of a simple liposuction intervention. This is a light surgery operation that does not leave visible traces and does not cause pain. Another form of gynecomastia exists in the form of an excess of isolated mammary gland in the man which declines a lean corpulence. In this case, the most effective solution is to perform a removal of the mammary gland by making an incision in the areola.There is also another case of gynecomastia, the most common and most typical, called mixed gynecomastia. This form results in an excess of mammary gland surrounded by fat mass. The solution for this case is to perform a removal of the mammary gland and a liposuction.


A preoperative assessment based on the indications of the plastic surgeon must necessarily be performed by the patient as well as a mammogram and a breast ultrasound. During the preoperative consultation, the patient meets with the plastic surgeon and the anesthesiologist to discuss the different details of gynecomastia on the eve of the intervention. The patient is forbidden to use an aspirin drug within 10 days of the operation. In order to avoid the risk of skin necrosis, it is imperative that the patient refrain from smoking over a period of two months prior to the intervention. Two nights of hospitalization are required for a gynecomastia operation.


The gynecomastia intervention requires general anesthesia and can last up to almost two hours in the case where its shape is complex. In the case of a complex form, a reduction of the mammary gland is necessary.
First of all, the plastic surgeon makes an incision at the lower edge of the areola. Then, the mammary gland is removed by means of a subcutaneous mastectomy as well as the fatty mass located at the level of the relevant zone.
Liposuction is practiced by the surgeon at the periphery of the excess gland in order to achieve a harmonious whole. In some cases, blood and lymphatic residues can accumulate in the operated area. In this case, this zone must be evacuated through the installation of a drain and an elastic band when the intervention ends.
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It is possible that the patient feels some pain at the end of the operation of gynecomastia in this case at the level of the operated part. Pain relievers are prescribed by the surgeon to remedy any pain. The patient must wear a compression vest bolero-type for a period between one and two months of the day and night. The sutures resorb quickly after the operation and a work stoppage of 5 to 10 days is necessary for the patient. It is absolutely forbidden for the patient to perform any physical activity, slightly violent movements and heavy loads for a period of one to two months after the intervention.

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There are two stages of postoperative follow-up for gynecomastia intervention: - During the stay in Tunisia: the patient can benefit from a close assistance of the plastic surgeon who will visit him at the hotel of residence to carry out the verifications concerning the dressing and scars. - After returning from Tunisia: the plastic surgeon will continue the postoperative follow-up with the patient after the period of hospitalization and at a distance to answer the questions and the requests of the patient.

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The first visible result of a gynecomastia can be assessed immediately through the disappearance of the breasts the day after the operation. As for the final and convincing result, it is visible from six months to a year because of the progressive aspect of the skin retraction. In the case of a major excess skin, the scars in the thorax are visible but can be hidden by the hair. It takes a year before the scars disappear definitively.

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