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Facelift surgery is an operation that offers the opportunity to rejuvenate the face and neck affected by the time. This surgery reduces wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and on the neck. It also helps to tighten the deep muscles. The facelift reduces the effects and signs of aging manifested in the face and in the neck through various aspects, which are:

  • - Deep folds that appear under the lower eyelids
  • - A disappearance or significant reduction of volume
  • - Deep folds appear at the nose and spread to the mouth
  • - A looseness appears at the center of the face
  • - A loss of skin tone located at the level of the lower part of the face
  • - Slackening of the skin with excess fat under the chin and jaw causing the effect of double chin .
facelift in Tunisia


Tunisia facelift cost / cheap facelift prices

FaceSurgery Prices Days
Cervico-facial lift 2800 € 6days and 5 nights
Facial lift 2200 € 5 days and 4 nights
Temporal lift 2200 € 6 days and 5 nights
Full facelift 3450 € 6 days and 5 nights

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The patient who wants a facelift surgery should be ready physically and psychologically. For his part, the plastic surgeon informs his patient about all, that she can expect from a facelift in terms of rejuvenation. There is no age limit for a facelift but surgeons recommend a young age such as 40 years old because the younger the age the better result of the facelift will be.


As far as women are concerned, it is highly recommended to have a skin care before the facelift surgery. If she wants, the patient must go and get her hair dyed before the procedure. The patient should also refrain from taking aspirin-containing medication about ten days before the intervention. Stop smoking is also mandatory no later than one month before the facelift so as to ensure better healing.

HOW DOES Facelift surgery in Tunisia WORK ?

The facelift operation lasts from two to three hours and is performed under general anesthesia. It can be performed under local anesthesia if it is accompanied by deep sedation, depending on the nature of the procedure to be performed and under the decision of the anesthesiologist. The facelift requires two nights of hospitalization. In terms of practice, the facelift consists of a treatment of the skin and muscles in order to remove excess skin caused by tissue loosening, they are then put back into tension. In order to carry out his intervention, the plastic surgeon makes very fine and concealed incisions in the hair. He then takes off the skin and aspirates the mass of fat. In a final step, the surgeon applies sutures located at the incisions in order to obtain very discreet or even invisible scars. The aging process is thus slowed down thanks to the restraint of the tissues, not the braces.


It is the nature of the face lift procedure used that determines the postoperative outcome. However, generally, the suites are rather brief in time and have no painful aspect. The patient should wash her face after the surgery using a mild soap and also shampoo daily. It is imperative that the patient dry her face perfectly after each wash and use a moisturizer. The patient must wear a turban during the first days after the operation. She will be having a facial edema, bruises and blues that will disappear in a few days. The patient may also feel stiffness in the neck and may last up to a few months. At the end of the eighth day following the facelift surgery, the sutures are removed and the patient can resume makeup. Lymphatic graining care is strongly recommended to the patient in order to minimize edema as of the second week following the operation. This care also provides comfort to the patient. The scars will disappear after three to six months. The patient can resume her activities and the normal course of her life within two weeks.


It is essential to wait about two months before being able to assess a final and a convincing result. In general, a facelift result is dependent on the technique used during the surgery and the treated area.

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