The autologous fat injections of the face also called " facial lipofilling " present a kind of fat transplants that aim the correction of the facial area . It is a plastic surgery procedure in which fat is collected from an area of the patient's body to be injected into areas requiring corrective action. Facial lipofilling allows to fill areas emptied under the effect of time with the patient's own body fat instead of using a chemical filler or implant. This is a very effective procedure because it is not very invasive and produces natural results. About 60% of the fat remains forever which allows the patient to maintain the effectiveness of the result. This kind of injection allows the patient to have a smoother skin and a younger appearance. The signs of aging could be easily corrected with this technique.

face lipofilling tunisia


Tunisia Lipofilling cost / Tunisia Lipofilling cost

Face Surgery Price Days
Face lipofilling 1700 € 5 days and 4 nights

Face lipofilling cost in Tunisia : Univers-med Tunisia best lipofilling cost

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This technique is too efficient to remedy the following conditions. Correct all wrinkles and deep ones of the face, fill the hollow and the wrinkled areas discreetly, ad volume and fullness to the cheeks and lips, create a balance and harmony between the different elements that make up the appearance of the face.

lipofilling face before after

lipofilling face before after


The majority of such surgeries take between one and two hours to be completed, although some plastic surgeries may take longer. The surgeon would administer local anesthesia in the areas from where the fat is removed and in the areas where the fat will be injected. The fat used to be injected into the face can be extracted from any part of your body such as the abdomen or thighs by liposuction. This surgical technique can be used to rejuvenate the face, increase cheeks or lips, or correct problems such as negligence around the eyes or scars . This surgical procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia. If it is combined with other procedures, it will be done mainly under a general anesthesia modality. The fat used to reinject into the face can be taken through a liposuction of any part of the body having a sufficient amount of fat, in most cases the abdomen or hips.A very small incision is made and the fat is aspirated using a cannula tied to a special vacuum cleaner. The small incision is closed with a point. Filtration: this fat is filtered and purified using a centrifuge to separate the blood, oil from fat cells. Fat Injection - The place where the patient wants to have more volume is injected with a minimal amount of local anesthesia after which the fat cells are injected with very thin cannulas. The touroffat transfer involves injecting only a very small amount of fat with each passage of the cannula. In this way, the grafted fat will be in direct contact with the surrounding tissues and allow the fat to grow in the vessels very quickly. About 70% of the fat stays forever. Therefore, a small correction is made during the operation.

lipofilling face tunisia


As the fat is extracted from the patient's body, the possibility of complications is minimal. However, the patient must monitor infections and take preventive measures by following the surgeon's advice meticulously. Plastic surgery with fat injection is not permanent and follow-up treatments may be necessary. Yet, fat injections are easy and fast procedures with a fast postoperative.


Areas that may be concerned with the injection of autologous fat during a face lipofilling : The face lipofilling can treat many areas and especially those that are characterized by the presence of a volume under the skin. It is indicated to treat the hollows on the face and cheeks. Autologous fat is an excellence filling product that is so much effective that serves to fill wrinkles or lips instead of injections of hyaluronic acid. It allows the correction of deep wrinkles and pronounced folds. Facial lipofilling also increases the volume of treated areas such as cheekbones, cheeks and improves the quality of the overlying skin . After the body absorbs a percentage of fat (between 20 and 50%), the result can be considered permanent. It takes 3 to 6 months after a face lipofilling to be able to evaluate the final result. When the operation is correctly evaluated, the result is very satisfying: the volumes are back, the hollows are filled . The fat graft on the face is similar to the fat present in the rest of the body in the case of a change in weight, it will also be affected. In case of loss or weight gain, the result may be degraded. Hence,it is importance to maintain a stable weight after a face lipofilling.

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