The gastric band is a surgical technique that helps reduce the excessive passage of food through the stomach . The person who has a high overweight related to a remarkable weight gain can resort to a gastric band surgery in order to make a restrictive surgery able to produce a weight loss in the 20 to 35 k.

gastric band surgery in tunisia

gastric banding surgery in tunisia

The gastric band allows you to lose weight by helping you control the portions. After placing a gastric band, not only can you eat less, but you will also feel quickly full. The food you eat goes through the digestive tract in the usual way, allowing it to be completely absorbed into the body. Digestion and absorption of food and nutrients are not changed.It's not about, in any case, the surgical removal of a part of the stomach. Indeed, it is only an establishment of an adjustable band that can be changed later since it is not final. This laparoscopic surgery presents a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is done without making large incisions.The adjustable band is installed at the level of the upper part of the stomach. This gastroplasty is able to provide the patient with the desired result, faster recovery, smaller scars and less pain than other surgical procedures. The procedure lasts between one and two hours and is done under general anesthesia. On average, this surgery requires a rest period of up to two days at the clinic.Generally, the patient can resume normal activities in 5 to 7 days after the surgery as he can benefit from a full recovery after about 2 weeks. The gastric band will guarantee a satisfactory result. You will take control of your hunger; To be able to completely abandon nibbling between meals, and the constant desire to consume food will diminish.


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gastric band surgery in tunisia


The restrictive procedure of the gastric band is an extremely effective weight loss procedure. Patients lose between 60% and 70% of excess body weight during the first year. This procedure is generally recommended in patients who develop a BMI of 45 or higher by allowing them to absorb fewer calories from food. This gastric band is a restrictive procedure designed for maximum safety and minimal invasiveness.The implanted medical device is an adjustable band, a kind of silicone band with pockets of saline solution along the inner surface. In most cases, the band is placed laparoscopically under general anesthesia.After making small incisions in the abdominal wall, the surgeon uses soft surgical tools and a camera to wrap the band around the upper part of the stomach and lock it in place. This procedure requires very small incisions compared to other bariatric surgeries , which allows a much shorter recovery time.Adjustments of the gastric band are made by increasing or decreasing the amount of saline solution in the inner part of the instrument. This substance is connected to a tube which, in turn, is connected to an access port which is just under the skin. A small needle is placed through the skin and into the access port to make this adjustment. In addition to being adjustable, the gastric band is also completely reversible.To ensure successful surgery and a long-term result, our professional and competent surgeons choose the best ultramodern surgical approach for optimal weight loss and maximum well-being. The gastric band is a highly sought surgical procedure of bariatric surgery. This procedure is designed to reduce the consumption of food and not to reduce the size of the stomach. The stomach is tightened through a silicone band .


The rates of bariatric surgery vary from one country to another, this treatment that cannot be covered by health insurance varies depending on the nature of the proposed surgery. In Tunisia, the price of this surgery is around 3000 euros where it is 8000 euros in other countries.


This surgery requires that you monitor your diet after the procedure. Since the reduced size of the stomach can affect the absorption of the necessary vitamins and minerals, it may be necessary to take supplements for the rest of your life.If your stomach spreads due to overeating, you will reverse the surgery and you will regain the weight you lost. High calorie drinks should also be avoided, as this will prevent you from regaining the weight loss you want.

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