Types of Weight Loss surgeries

Adjustable gastric band , gastric bypass and gastric sleeve are surgeries that can help you lose weight . It's up to your doctor to decide which type of surgery to tell you and which technique might be best for you.

Tunisia Bariatric surgery

Adjustable gastric band

During this type of surgery, the surgeon places a band with an inner inflatable band around the upper part of the stomach to create a small pocket. This makes you feel full after eating a small amount of food.The band has a balloon inside which is filled with a physiological salt solution. The surgeon can adjust the size of the pocket opening to the rest of the stomach by injecting or removing the solution through a small device called an orifice placed under the skin. After the surgery, you will need several follow-up visits to adjust the size of the opening of the band. If the band causes problems or does not help you lose enough weight, the surgeon can remove it.

Gastric Sleeve

The gastric sleeve surgery, also called sleeve gastrectomy, is an operation during which the removal of part of the stomach , leaving only a section of banana that is closed with staples. Like gastric band surgery, this surgery reduces the amount of food that your stomach can contain by allowing you to feel fuller faster. Taking a part of the stomach can also affect intestinal hormones or other factors such as intestinal bacteria that can affect appetite and metabolism.


  • The stomach can be adjusted for reduced consumption of food.
  • Short hospital stay and a low risk of problems related to surgery.
  • No change to the intestine.
  • Significant weight loss in a short time
  • No objects placed in the body.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass surgery is done in two stages. First of all, the surgeon creates a small pocket in the upper part of your stomach. The staples make you reduce the stomach thereby creating other much smaller ones, and this is how the control of food consumption is done. Then, the surgeon cuts your small intestine and attaches the lower part of it directly to the small gastric pouch.The bypass also changes the gut hormones, intestinal bacteria, and other factors that may affect appetite will be eliminated. Bariatric surgery does not replace healthy eating habits, but can make it easier for you to consume fewer calories and be more physically active.Choosing healthy foods and beverages before and after surgery can help you lose more weight and keep it in the long run. Regular physical activity after surgery also helps maintain the desired weight. To improve your health, you must engage in a healthy nutrition plan and adhere to the advice of your health care nutritionist.


The average cost of bariatric surgery in Tunisia is ranged from 2,500 to 4,000 euros depending on the type of surgery you wish to do. The costs may vary depending on the desired operation and can only be confirmed by your surgeon.


The type of surgery that may be best suited for a person to lose weight depends on a number of factors. You should discuss with your surgeon the kind of surgery that might be best for you. What is the difference between open and laparoscopic surgery ? In open bariatric surgery, surgeons make a single incision in the abdomen . Most often, surgeons now use laparoscopic surgery, in which they make several small cuts and insert thin surgical instruments through the cuts. Surgeons also insert a small scope attached to a camera that projects images onto a video monitor . Laparoscopic surgery is less risky than open surgery and can cause less pain and scarring than open surgery. Laparoscopic surgery can also lead to faster recovery. Open surgery may be a better option for some people.If you have a high level of obesity , have had stomach surgery before, or other complex medical problems, you may need open surgery.

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